Filming B-roll FAQ

What is B-roll?

B-roll is defined as video footage that is secondary to your primary video or "A-roll". The reason why we use it in ShoutOut is to have some variety of shots. The A-roll footage would typically refer to your interview or automated video and the B-roll would refer to the clips of anything that isn't speech. B-roll shots include the setting and surroundings, close ups of objects or people, they can be anything, so it's good to get creative with them. They just act as a filler of your primary footage. On ShoutOut B-roll will be added automatically into your videos, after you choose your B-roll clips and add them to the software.


What’s the best way to film ShoutOut B-roll clips?

ShoutOut B-roll looks best when the shots are static. This will ensure that the clips will still look professional, even if the quality is lowered after being added to the software. You can either film them using your phone camera at 720p/1080p and then upload them to ShoutOut or you can record them straight on the app.


How long should B-roll clips be?

The typical duration of B-roll clips should be around 2-5 seconds, so it’s best not to record anything longer than 5 seconds. ShoutOut will choose sections of your B roll to automatically add to your compilation videos if you need.

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