ShoutOut Cards FAQs

How many compilation videos can I make?
You can make a total of two compilation videos so you get a second chance if you don’t like something. Remember to check the trimming of each clip, your music choice and the order of your clips before making your compilation.


How do I invite people to make a video clip?
All you do is copy the URL on ‘invite’ and send it to them. Remember to also give them some written instructions via ‘customise’


What happens if the overlay covers someone’s face?
You can switch off the overlay for an individual clip via the ‘edit clip’ page. Just navigate to the logo/text tab and switch off the overlay.


On one video clip they are singing/playing an instrument that clashes with the ShoutOut music, what can I do?
You can ask ShoutOut to automatically fade down the music for one clip by pressing the ‘mute music’ button on the video thumbnail on the ‘edit clip’ page.


How long can my compilation video be?
The maximum compilation video duration is approximately 20 minutes. You can see your completed video duration on the compilation page.


How do I send people the final video?
There are a couple of ways. You can click on the downloadable link and send that or you can download the final video from the download button on the video page and send the file or upload to social media or YouTube.


Can I add any text to the videos?
Yes you can. To add text to the video clips you receive, just open the ‘edit clip’ tab, navigate to ‘text’ and add the text you need. You can position the text, change font, size and add a background colour. The text will be added to that clip in your compilation video. You can also upload photos, video clips and our stock footage and add text to that. This is done via the clip section on the video page.


Can I upload photos and other videos to add to my compilation?
Yes you can do both and also choose from our stock footage. This can be done from the upload button on the clip section on the video page. Remember you can also trim still images if you want them shorter.


Can I sell ShoutOut cards?
Yes, we have a partner programme via You can subscribe then build your custom affiliate page there.


What if I don’t like the card design I chose?
Don’t worry you can pick another via ‘customise’ before you make your compilation video.


Why do my B-roll clips not get added to a Compilation Video?

Your B roll clips need to be over 2 seconds long for ShoutOut to add them to your compilation video. Shorter B roll clips will be ignored.


Why won't ShoutOut let me make a compilation video with B-roll?

You might not have enough B-roll to cover the whole video, or your B-roll clips might be under 2 seconds long and the software can’t process them. The ratio of B-roll to Automated Videos should be at least 4:5, so a minimum of 80% B-roll clips, for the composition to work and have no repeated B-roll clips in it. If you do not have enough B-roll try reducing the length of your compilation video by removing some videos.


Why should I record my videos and clips in 720p/1080p?
It is recommended that you record your videos in this resolution to ensure faster uploads.

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