Recording FAQ


How long should my video be?

When someone is talking to camera, it’s best for them to be as brief as possible. When you are recording yourself or someone else it may be worth re-recording a clip if it seems too long. 


Can I make sure people don’t film very long videos?

Yes, in the template builder you can define the maximum length of video ShoutOut will accept. This will also be displayed on the upload link you send out.


How should I frame the shot? 

Make sure the person you are interviewing is clearly in the shot and that there aren’t any distractions in the background. Check out the How to Look Good on Camera video for more information on how to set up your camera. Remember if you are using an overlay on your template, make sure your subject is not covered by the overlay.


Why should I record on the iPhone camera app then upload the clip to ShoutOut?

With an Android phone you can access the camera directly from ShoutOut and record and upload a video clip. If you do this with an Apple device it will compress the video and dramatically reduce the picture quality. To stop that happening, record your clip on the camera app then upload it into ShoutOut.


Do I need to be a professional to record ShoutOut videos?

No, you do not need to be a professional to record ShoutOut videos. It is created so anyone can use it.


How long should I film for?

Instruct whoever you're filming not to speak for too long, as the video may get a bit dull if you're making a compilation. It is better for people to speak quickly, energetically and only say the key points of what they'd like to include. Don't hesitate to ask them to record again, as you're there to make them look good too!


What is a ShoutOut Facilitator?

ShoutOut Facilitators are essentially event or brand activators. They would help you record videos, which is extremely beneficial for promoting businesses and events.

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