Company FAQs

What is the company philosophy?
Our mission is to make professional quality video available to everyone.


Who is the team behind ShoutOut?
Our founder has been producing content for 35 years and was nominated for a BAFTA. ShoutOut is based on years of figuring out how to automate the process of making engaging videos. ShoutOut is simple but not easy. We have a combination of young talented individuals and more experienced hands. We like to think ShoutOut is where psychology meets technology and we are constantly innovating. Our sister company makes more traditional videos for some of the largest companies on the planet.


Where is the company based?
We are based in London but we have fully embraced remote working so we have teammates from all over the place.


Why do you not have a downloadable app?
Hmm yes, we get that a lot. We think the convenience of a web app outweighs the small operational advantages of an app. If people are participating in a video we feel it is just too much to ask them to download an app. We know apps are cool but we just don’t need one.

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